Nick Earl, President of Kabam Worldwide Studios, has left the company after only 11 months. Previously, Earl was Senior Vice President and General Manager at EA Mobile, where he had worked for 13 years. Kabam’s current projects include mobile titles in the Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Marvel, and Fast & Furious franchises.

In his farewell blog post, Earl expressed how pleased he is with Kabam’s performance and growth during his tenure. “When I joined last year, I had the opportunity to help shape Kabam’s Fewer, Bigger, Bolder strategy, which included doubling down on Hollywood partnerships and creating AAA mobile games. Almost a year later, it’s clearly “job well done” and Kabam is now a very different company.” Earl also explained his decision to resign: “Given this new direction and considering the experienced, talented leadership at the Group GM level, I have decided that Kabam is not the right place for me at this point in my career.”

With Earl’s departure, Kabam has restructured their management to be “more flat”. In a follow-up blog post, they explained that two people will be filing Nick Earl’s role. Mike Verdu and Aaron Loeb will both be Presidents of Kabam Studios. You can read more on the company’s structure changes here.

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