Destiny The Taken King

With the release of Destiny The Taken King this week, Bungie has put together one last trailer to get fans ready to jump back in. And just what makes this trailer special? Well, it turns out its about you.

Anyone that has played Destiny and has a character of at least level 20, can head over to “The Legend of You” page on the Destiny website and make their own. Though not including your actual guardian in the footage, the tailor-made text is still pretty cool. Running through your guardian’s stats, and comparing them to other players, the trailer lists your accomplishments and ends with “Now the Taken King knows your name.”

Don’t have a destiny character but want to see the trailer? You can find my personal trailer here.

The videos can be shared over social media and are sure to inspire a bit of bragging by the best of the best. The first full expansion for the game, Destiny The Taken King comes to all platforms September 15th. Proud of your trailer? Let us know in the comments.

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