The regular releases of content through the Season Pass for Driveclub may have ended, but that doesn’t mean Sony won’t advertise it to you at a discounted rate.

Driveclub’s Season Pass has recently been given a brand new trailer, which you can see below. Featured within the trailer is all the content players can expect to have immediate access to, since the regular instalments for the Season Pass content have all ended now.


The Season Pass itself has also been offered at a discounted rate, which is currently only available in the European region. Players can today purchase the Season Pass for just £9.99, or £15.99 if they wish to upgrade to the Playstation Plus edition.

Since Driveclub is currently offered for free under the Playstation Plus games of the month, you could essentially purchase the base game and all available DLC for just £16. Game director Paul Rustchynsky has stated on Twitter that “The EU Driveclub price drop is coming to the US and other territories very soon.”

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