It’s been really hard to guess where Halo 5: Guardian’s plot is headed. It first started off looking like a conflict of interest between Master Chief and Locke. A gameplay trailer then portrayed Master Chief as a traitor to the UNSC. Now, Master Chief is dead.

The trailer, while only being cinematic, definitely strikes a chord in hardcore Halo fans, starting off with a somber announcement made over the television by a UNSC official. While talking about the loss of Master Chief, the trailer shows Master Chief running through what looks like a combat zone, only to be crushed by a falling building. As well, it shows Master Chief’s limp body sitting in the rubble, motionless as the rest of the scene around him.

The video can be watched below. Halo 5 launches on October 27th and will be the first in the series to not have split screen features. And even though the last Halo release, the Master Chief Collection, was a broken failure, Phil Spencer believes that Halo 5 will successfully be released with few issues. Especially with a name like “The Master Chief Collection,” it almost sounds like the bell tolls for thee, Master Chief, as the title of the re-release reads like a sound-off to the series’s main protagonist. Do you think that Halo 5 could feature the death of Master Chief? Can the series even survive without one of the video game world’s favorite protagonist? Sound off in the comments!

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