Before the current generation of consoles began there were question marks about whether or not physical media would remain as part of the industry. Microsoft had originally planned to ditch the discs and opt for a digital-only approach but had to retract that vision, among others, in order to satisfy demand from gamers who weren’t ready to do away with their discs just yet.

Well it looks like we’ll have to enjoy our discs while they last because they’re likely to be banished for good in the next generation of consoles, if an ex-Microsoft employee is to be believed. Speaking to GeekWire, Robbie Bach – Former president of Microsoft’s Entertainment & Devices Division – stated that next-gen consoles will “probably not” incorporate physical media.

“Does it have a physical media? Probably not, so how does that look? Is it just a game box or is it more? What’s the balance between what an Apple TV is and what an Xbox or a PlayStation 4 is? These are really interesting questions, and the teams going to have to wrestle with those. That next generation will be a whole new game.”

What do you make of Bach’s comments and are you prepared to do away with your discs just yet? Some want discs to stay for sentimental value, others for financial reasons. Either way, it’s not looking good for either parties.

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