After a week of brand new weapon showcases that demonstrated each style for all 14 weapons in Monster Hunter, Capcom released a trailer at TGS that shows off some of these new styles as well as brand new monsters and features that are upcoming in Monster Hunter X. The video shows off returning monsters such as the Lagiacrus and brand new ones such as the 4 flagship monsters for the game. Each of them represent the 4 base elements of Monster Hunter: Lightning, Water, Ice and Fire.

Halfway through the video, the trailer shows off a brand new mode for the Monster Hunter series where you can now play as the Palico. The Palico will be obviously weaker than the hunter, but it will have access to different movesets and support items. While as a Palico, you’ll still also have assistant Palico’s that will help you during the quests. Also the special moves that assistant Palicos would use in Monster Hunter 4 are accessible when you play as one including the Purrtuoso and Flying Bomb.

It would also appear that you can hunt in multiplayer as a Palico as well. The video demonstrates some supporting Palico working together with 3 other human hunters to take down the large prey.

I for one am extremely excited for the amount of variety and love that Monster Hunter X is having. It looks like Capcom has poured everything into making this accessible for both beginners and veterans of the series. The game is released in Japan on the 28th of November, 2015 for the Nintendo 3DS. It is going to be 5800 yen physically and 5,546 yen as a download.

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