The nail bitingly difficult platformer indie game has had fans hooked into it’s classic arcade platforming hell of difficulty. Volgarr the Viking was released back on the 13th of September, 2013. It went through a successful Kickstarter campaign led by the development team Crazy Viking Studios and has been a solid platform adventure title.

Neogaf user had reached out to the coder from Crazy Viking Studios who mentioned they were experimenting with a Dreamcast build of Volgarr the Viking on another thread to purchase for the Dreamcast. Thanks to this user, the team decided to release this version of the game. For free to boot. If you have a Dreamcast still, you can download the game here with instructions and other goodies to make a legit ‘Dreamcast port’ of the game. The site also shows the video below to show it working on the device:

While the port wasn’t properly done by the team, their coder had done this independently with the team’s full support. They have therefore made this version of this game freeware and royalty-free for private and commercial use.

To get the game running, it’s just a simple matter of burning a blank CDR with the files for the game onto it and running it in the Dreamcast. It is noted that later models of the Dreamcast may not be able to support CDR games so caution is advised.

For non-Dreamcast owners, you can pick up the game on Steam and GOG for 10 bucks.

This is a fantastic little side project for a fabulous console that still heaves and kicks life in it. A game like Volgarr the Viking is a definitely worthy title to have on the console for Dreamcast and Volgarr enthusiasts alike.

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