Even though the localized version of Dragon Quest Heroes will not hit shores outside of Japan for a while, Square Enix are already announcing plans to include all the past DLC released in Japan for free in North America and Europe.

While the DLC will be included with the game, it won’t be able to be unlocked until certain points in the the story. At that point you’ll receive letters at the in-game post office inviting you to take part in these additional stories.

The DLC, titled The World Tree’s Woe and Blight Below, will unlock new costumes and playable characters. Certain episodes will be more special to long-time fans of the series as you’ll encounter bosses from Dragon Quest III, IV, V and VI.

Dragon Quest Heroes releases on October 13th in North America and shortly after that, October 16th, in Europe. They are releasing a Day One edition which includes bonus weapons, and a Collector’s Edition which includes a slime plush toy inside a physical treasure chest.

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