Destiny players have only just discovered a secret mission within The Taken King, and within the mission itself players can be rewarded with a brand new exotic sniper rifle.

In today’s Daily Heroic Mission, called “Lost to Light”, there’s a certain area that challenges players to beat a certain amount of enemies in a certain amount of time, and if players are successful in this endeavour they can be rewarded with the Black Spindle, an exotic sniper rifle.

The video below shows exactly how to beat the secret area within the mission, and as viewers can see, it won’t exactly be easy for even the most experienced Destiny players.


This secret area can be found near the third door of the escape route within the Lost to Light mission. Instead of going through this particular door, you carry on straight past it, arriving in a room full of Fallen Ketch. If you’ve done things correctly up to this point as detailed in the above video, your Ghost will start talking about a Fallen transmission, at which point you’ll have exactly 10 minutes to kill every Fallen enemy in the room.

If players can accomplish this feat, they’ll be rewarded with the Black Spindle, an exotic sniper rifle which you can see below. The screenshot details the 310 attack power of the weapon, with the ability to cause fire damage, but leaves out the upgrades that can be made to the weapon.


Destiny: The Taken King launched on September 15th, almost immediately breaking records for the most downloaded game from the Playstation Store in history, as well as beating out the sales numbers of the original game when it first launched.

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