Capcom has confirmed that there will be no on-disc DLC for Street Fighter V.

In an interview with Game Revolution at the Tokyo Game Show, producer Matt Dahlgren assured fans that there will be no on-disc DLC for Street Fighter V. “There will not be on-disc DLC, for sure,” he stated.

On-disc DLC was a problem for Capcom before. In 2012, Capcom admitted that the 12 “downloadable” fighters in Street Fighter X Tekken that were announced as PS Vita exclusives were on the discs of the console version of the game. Capcom defended themselves by saying there is “effectively no distinction” between on-disc DLC and downloadable add-ons, apart from the delivery method.

Capcom is approaching Street Fighter V differently that the developer has with the series in the past. There will only ever be one disc for the game (opposed to multiple versions). Also, players can gain all DLC by either paying or simply playing the game.

Street Fighter V will release on PC and PlayStation 4 in spring 2016. The game will feature cross-platform play, and it was recently announced that the next beta for the game will carry the feature. There has been no word on when gamers can expect the next beta to begin, though players can get in by preordering the game.

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