Originally, Nintendo’s plan for Super Mario Maker was to gradually give features and toys to play with in the level editor so that new designers could acclimatize themselves to all the features that would be available to them for Super Mario Maker. The way to unlock the feature is to play with the level editor for 5-10 minutes every day for 9 days. I had put up a post earlier that had a method to allow players to bypass this lock. However, it would seem Nintendo is hearing the antagonized players who demand the content immediately and out of the gate.

According to this post over on NeoGAF, the user saw that the update involved these 3 changes/additions:

•“Create a course” scene: a small element was added.
•Condition(s) for increasing the amount of useable parts (in the level editor) were added.
•Various changes meant to improve the gameplay experience.

Upon playing further, the user saw that after 15 minutes after the first unlock was delivered, the next days feature was delivered. Every subsequent 15 minutes would yield for the other 8 days of features being unlocked and delivered. This means that the condition for unlocking content for the level editor has now changed to not having to wait a day for the delivery to arrive but instead to just play the game and let it unlock passively. That said, it doesn’t necessarily mean waiting 15 minutes would unlock the next set of features. Some have been claiming it is based on amount of blocks placed. It is still unclear what the condition actually is, but it does work.

With this, some of the major concerns for Super Mario Maker has been squelched and now it’s just a matter of creating even more ridiculous levels to troll the masses.

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