Bungie have revealed the precise time that the Destiny expansion The Taken King will be released for all players to download.

Everywhere had already firmly shown the DLC would hit like a freight train come September 15th, but players now know that The Taken King will release at 2AM PDT, 5AM EDT and 10AM in the UK. I feel millions of sick days being booked right around now.

Alongside this announcement, Bungie also released a statement on their website. “It’s been a great year. Hard to believe it’s almost over. No tears, though. Destiny Year Two should be another ride worthy of your passion and feedback. I’m so ready to stop talking about The Taken King, and get to listening to your stories.”

Before The Taken King lands, however, you can look forward to a significant update that all players will need to download (even those who weren’t planning on picking up the expansion just yet). This will allow players to sample The Taken King’s crucible content for a week up until the release, at which point only those who purchase the expansion will be able to continue playing it.

Those who haven’t yet jumped into Bungie’s space epic but wanted to begin their fight for the universe should look into picking up the Destiny Legendary Edition, containing all previous expansions and the base game alongside The Taken King for a massively discounted price.

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