Japan is often praised for the awesome insanity that exhumes from its very core, and Tearaway Unfolded’s newest trailer is no different.

There’s no need to spoil what happens, as the trailer speaks for itself. However, in a bizarre twist, it perfectly explains what Tearaway Unfolded is all about, a feat many trailers and commercials fail to do these days. For those who don’t know, which unfortunately is a lot of people, Tearaway was an incredible PS Vita adventure game made by Media Molecule, the Little Big Planet guys.

The game follows the protagonist as he or she travels across a paper craft world, using various abilities allowed by the PS Vita’s functions, including front and back touch screens, the front-facing camera, and more. The Playstation 4 version, while initially seeming like a remake, completely reinvents the game with all the available functions of the PS4 controller. It sounds like a gimmick, but it works incredibly well, creating one of the most unique modern gaming experiences, if not one of the most unique experiences in general.

The Japanese trailer explains all this in a much catchier way, of course. So, please, take a look at that, and be sure to pick up Tearaway Unfolded which is now available on PS4.



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