This is the second Beyond Dying Light contest to happen since Dying Light released in January, and the voting is now open for the top 5 Dying Light mods. The winner of the contest will receive an Alienware Alpha gaming PC and a bunch of Dying Light merchandise.

The developer Techland are even considering making the mod available on consoles, too.

You’ll have to log into Facebook to vote, and more details can be found on the Dying Light website.

Producer Tymon Smektala said that, ‘The Dying Light fans seriously continue to surprise us with their creativity and it was the exact same thing with these mods. Some of these are so unique and fun that we found ourselves even playing them in our spare time.’

‘That led us to start talking about trying to make these available for our console fans. We’re looking into it, but we’ll have to see.’

The top five mods you have to choose from are as follows:

The Winchester Tavern – yup, the one from Shaun of the Dead. Yes, the zombie-horror-comedy-mic take. Who died and made you f***ing king of the zombies?

SkyFall – take a look through the twisted dreams of another, with ever more difficult levels and puzzles the further you go.

Escaping Death – Dying Light at its simplest: parkour and awesome full-on combat.

Repetition: Horror House – I’m sure most of you will remember the creepy P.T. looping corridor, right? Well it’s that, but with a touch of Harran.

Little Big World – think killing zombies is difficult? Wait until you’re the size of a relative-Pacman fighting in an infested house.


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