So last week we brought you a Warcraft themed wedding cake so to keep the food theme rolling, how about some cookies? Wowhead’s Dungeon and Raid Strategy writer Dayani has been busy in the kitchen creating some special World of Warcraft themed cookies. The design is based off Gorefiend from Hellfire Citadel and they look delicious!

Check out the pictures:



She said: “I love to play WoW and I love to bake, and sometimes these two passions intersect. This is such a time!

I decided to bake some Gorefiend cookies after my guild had been working on his Mythic encounter for … quite some time. The fight was fiendishly difficult and there were many days it didn’t feel like we would ever kill it, although after 304 wipes we finally did.

Progression was a tremendously dark emotional experience for me, and I wanted to turn all that negative energy into something positive somehow. Then it hit me – the perfect design for Gorefiend cookies! I planned for a week before beginning the project, as it required me to master three new techniques (and I’m quite a novice cookie decorator – this is my third ever decorated cookie project).

While it didn’t take me as long to make these cookies as it did to kill Mythic Gorefiend, I had a great time, and now I can’t think of the fight without recalling these sparkly swooshy Gorefiends and smiling. I guess a spoonful of sugar really does help the medicine go down! ;)”

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