Do you love World of Waracraft so much you could eat it? Well newly weds Nick and Christine Guesford do. Their wedding reception featured a custom-made Horde style World of Warcraft wedding cake baked especially for the occasion by Karla Fuller who owns Sugar Starz bakery in Milton Keynes, England.

Mrs Fuller said: “It was my most time-consuming cake yet, it was four days work decorating and another day spent preparing and baking, as the bottom cake was a nine-inch fruit cake with each layer about four inches tall.”

Check out the pictures:




Karla went on to say:

“The bottom is fruit cake as mentioned with marzipan, the top was chocolate sponge and both are covered with white fondant.

“I then started building up the wow elements with coloured fondant, starting with the wall, adding the structure and details as I went, the door and the very front of the cake was first.

“Then hand-painting the landscape scene behind the crest hoard, filling in and highlighting details with edible hand-painting.

“After I went on to making the roses, and ruffles – each ruffle was added individually and layered up. All of the cake is completely edible, including the turrets, roses and ruffles.”

Sugar Starz bakery specialises in custom cakes for all occasions, check out their Facebook page via the link below:

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