Warner Bros. released a statement on Steam earlier today announcing that Batman: Arkham Knight will be re-released on PC October 28th after being removed in June due to a slew of bugs that plagued the game at launch.

“At the same time we’ll also be releasing a patch that brings the PC version fully up-to-date with content that has been released for console (with the exception of console exclusives),” the statement went on to say. “This means that next week, all PC players will have access to Photo Mode, Big Head Mode, Batman: Arkham Asylum Batman Skin, and character selection in combat AR challenges.”

All players who previously purchased the Arkham Knight DLC Season Pass will get instant access to the newly added content. A full list of features being added can be found here.

Warner Bros. concluded their statement saying, “We want to give particular thanks to the members of the PC community who took the time to give us clear, detailed feedback and bug reporting.”

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