The Official Kickstarter for Demetrios can be found here.

Developer COWCAT(Breton Fabrice) has taken to Kickstarter for help on his game “Demetrios – The BIG Cynical Adventure”. COWCAT is a one man team based in France, but Demetrios is still packed with stunning visuals, and hopefully great gameplay.

Demetrios is currently going through the greenlight process on steam, and you can find the page here, if you’d like to further support COWCAT.

Demetrios currently has a Kickstarter goal of €2,500, and at the time of writing this article, has €2,750 pledged to the game already.

Demetrios is being developed in Game Maker Studio, allowing COWCAT to remake the game that was previously developed – but unreleased – 15 years ago. Now with sites like Kickstarter, Steam, and GoG, it’s easier then ever for Indie developers like COWCAT to market their games to the world.

The Kickstarter has 8 different tiers, with the most expensive being €200. The reward contains all previous tiers, as well as a self insert into the game. Just provide COWCAT with a picture of yourself, and you’ll even be able to have your choice in what you say to Bjorn when he comes to talk to you.

Demetrios will be available for purchase DRM-Free on its official website, GOG, and Steam when greenlighted. A physical DVD will be available for a limited time purchase from Demetrios’s website.

The game will be available in both French and English, and has 8-12 hours of gameplay depending on how long you take exploring the world.

Demetrios – The BIG Cynical Adventure is a point and click adventure style game, compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows. The game features 1080p art for its backgrounds, elevating the games simple graphics to a whole other level.

Demetrios will have controller compatibility as well as your standard Keyboard and Mouse, allowing you to play on the TV if you so choose. The game follows Bjorn Thonen as he is robbed one night, setting out to find the truth with his neighbour, Sandra, they figure out theres a lot more to this mystery then one robbery.

Following Bjorn and Sandra, you’ll adventure from France to Germany, and a mysterious African country. The game is packed with humorous game over screens, allowing for more re-playability to be added to the game. The typical point and click won’t work In Demetrios, it won’t hold your hand as you explore the cities. You make choices, some of which will prove to be disastrous in the end. Having characters interact to what you’re doing, and attempting to do things that don’t always make sense, will offer for a unique experience.

Demetrios is expected to have a May 2016 release, and there is only 16 days left to go on the Kickstarter, so be sure to check it out before then.

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