Since the game launched over a year ago, Destiny has been full of secrets that the community has banded together to try and uncover.

From mysteries in the Vault of Glass, to hidden and elusive ExoticsDestiny offers an incredible slice of secrets – both in-lore and in-game – for players to pour over. The most recent, and brilliant, expansion The Taken King has introduced even more of these secrets, and it’s sending the Destiny community into overdrive.

The latest thread in a web of conspiracy in Destiny is a new secret room within The Taken King‘s excellent Raid, the King’s Fall.

(Spoilers for the Raid follow)

During the later stages of the King’s Fall Raid, players battle a giant Ogre named Gorgoroth in a tight room. After defeating the Ogre, players navigate into the next area, which involves navigating one of the Dreadnaught’s large open ‘hallways’ in an intricate jumping puzzle, which includes invisible bridges and large pylons that push you to your death.

Every so often, there’s a platform with a ‘lamp’ on it – according to the player who found the secret room, his fire team allegedly jumped on top of these lamps in a particular sequence, which then triggered the door leading to the room.

Other players have started reporting that they have opened the door by jumping on said crystals in the following sequence:


Others still are reporting that the particular sequence doesn’t work for them, so it’s still not entirely clear how to access the room. So far, it looks as if there’s a relic inside the room, as a statue to place it on (similar to the start of the Raid), and multiple gravity lifts pushing you up to the statue. Upon slamming the relic down, players receive a short buff, and a Rune starts filling with glyphs (similar to the Gorgoroth fight).

Over on a Destiny subreddit post, players are working hard to try and uncover how exactly to get into the room, and what to do after. Furthermore, players are contacting the original fire team for more information, allegedly to no avail.

Do you have any information? Keen to get in on the hunt yourself? Go ahead, and keep the community posted!

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