Another weekend, another chance to get Exotic weapons and armor from the vendor Xûr who will be in the tower until Sunday morning 2am (PST) with the daily reset.

Xûr can be found in the Vanguard Hall across from Lord Shaxx the Crucible master.

Remember that Legacy Engrams will provide a Year One Exotic weapon at Year One powers which means they will be woefully under powered against top level enemies. These items are geared more towards Guardians who want to fill out their Year One collection.

Xûr’s inventory this week:
No Backup Plans, Titan Guantlets
Don’t Touch Me, Hunter Guantlets
The Stag, Warlock Helmet
Hereafter, Sniper Rifle
Legacy Engram, Heavy Weapons

Xûr is also selling Glass Needles, which can be used on the “Twist Fate” upgrade of Exotic Gear to change the stats and upgrades available on that specific piece of armor, and The Three of Coins, which grants a higher chance to drop an Exotic Engram from the next Ultra Boss a player defeats.

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