The rumor mill has been quite abuzz lately involving speculation that Until Dawn, the unexpected sleeper hit by Supermassive Games, would be receiving downloadable content involving Playstation VR. Thankfully, Supermassive has put those rumors to bed, but did let it slip that they are working on their next project.

The topic came up during a Reddit AMA with the studio’s executive creative director, Will Byles and design director Tom Heaton. The rumored Rush of Blood expansion, which would have had players in an on-rails experience wandering through key locations from the game, including the resort cabin and an abandoned mine, dealing with jump scares and vicious killers was immediately put to bed by the two with a very pat, “we are currently not working on any DLC for Until Dawn at the moment.” But the rampant speculation by the fanbase that came out of this non-project such as various story possibilities was applauded by them, saying “we’ve seen them too, and they’re great.”

But while the idea of DLC has been outright denied, there is still some possibility that Until Dawn might receive VR support later down the line. When asked about the validity of this, Supermassive got evasive saying they “don’t have time to discuss these rumors today, sorry.” Of course, this holds some weight since they have also declared they are in very early production stages on their new game. It’s nowhere near ready for an official announcement, but from the sounds of them wanting to keep to “stories that tie into existing myths or real history,” it sounds like we have another great horror studio on our hands.

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