Though released only a few months ago, in June, the free PS Plus Edition of Evolution’s PS4 exclusive racer Driveclub will be leaving the PS Store on October 6th.

Announced on the PlayStation Blog along with the line up of October’s free PS Plus games, the post urged gamers, “If you haven’t downloaded it yet, be sure to go to PlayStation Store now” before it is gone. Adding the game to your library, even if it is not currently downloaded on your system, will allow you to download the title at any time in the future.

When asked on Twitter if the removal could be paving the way for something more substantial to take it’s place, Paul Rustchynsky, Game Director on Driveclub, simply said, “I don’t know, we’re not involved in what is featured on PS+.”

The free edition of Driveclub was originally meant to launch alongside the game, but following server problems was delayed. Though getting off to a rough start, Driveclub has developed into quite the racer, with Evolution promising free tracks every week up through Christmas.

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