Star Wars Battlefront fans were in dismay after EA announced that there would be no Clone Wars era, and that the game would be specifically set in the Galactic Civil War. It seems now, though, that it’s possible the Clone Wars era may appear separately at a later date.

On EA Star Wars’ Twitter account, a fan asked outright if Battlefront will feature the Clone Wars, to which EA non-committally replied “We will have more details regarding Season Pass in the weeks ahead”

Given EA’s previous statement on the question, which was an outright “no”, this response is intriguing. It could be that EA and DICE are planning on including the Clone Wars era in future free or paid DLC; or, alternatively, it could just a case of being unable to provide information on the topic due to NDAs.

Either way, we’ll have to wait until the Season Pass is detailed to know for sure. But that response sure is interesting.

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