Well you can definitely check out TheSuperRetroBros who put out a video to show off what they figure is the inspiration to some of the many alternate costumes that the playable characters have. Some are pretty obscure so it’s not exactly accurate. Though some are pretty likely to be the basis of inspiration.

There are some fun little nods to different games such as Ness’ checkered shirt that throws back to the character naming screen in Earthbound or the darkened pink alternate skin for Greninja being a nod to Lickilicky’s palette. My personal favorite now that it was pointed out is Robin’s Final Fantasy ‘White Mage’ costume palette

Some of course are a bit hard to swallow such as Falco’s Starfox 64 palette which only shares the orange shirt.

That said, some of these throwbacks really makes you appreciate the expansive library that has come and gone in Nintendo’s history of games. There’s some amazing attention to detail in some and odd suggestive throwbacks for others. What lies at the end of it all is the nostalgic touches that Sakurai and his team had undergone for the Smash Bros. series. Even with the backlash and comparison between the different games, his team still worked hard to make sure the game was a huge celebration of Nintendo, as it was and always should be.

Do you have any trivia for some of these costumes? Let us know in the comments! Check out the other videos by TheSuperRetroBros if you enjoy their content.

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