Fan-Made Ultra HD Star Wars Battlefront captures

If you’ve ever seen any promotional material for a video game you’ll understand that on occasion, the advertisements don’t always mirror the in-game quality – more often than not, you’ll be promised a Witcher 3 grade product and end up with something that closely resembles Minecraft (not that there’s anything wrong with Minecraft).

Screenshot user Berdu, has managed to capture some in-game, high-resolution images from this months Star Wars Battlefront Beta that have completely blown me away. Obviously these images haven’t been captured with the ‘Print Screen’ key, third party software has been used to enable free camera movement as well as the help of friends.

If you’re interested in some of Berdu’s other work, he can be found on Flikr or at his website.

Star Wars Battlefront releases on PS4, X-Box One and PC November 17th.


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