How a year simply flies by since we last reported on a record breaking prize pool. Last year, DotA 2’s The International 5 prize pool managed to break its previous record with $18.4 million. As of writing, The International 6’s prize pool has managed to smash past with $19,235,002 USD. The staggering amount was built up through contributions towards the game through various in-game events, cosmetic items and ‘battle pass’ rewards.

Just like previous years, Valve kicked off the prize pool with an initial prize of $1.6 million USD. Afterwards, fans who wanted to add to the prize pool could buy the ‘battle pass/compendium’ which served as the major event that celebrates the upcoming “TI” tournament. These battle passes/compendiums would include some interesting skins, voice packs, music packs, emoticons and various other features to spruce up the game.

When compared to other eSports tournaments, Dota 2 has successfully generated a greater prize pool than any other game for the last 8 times. The other top 10 highest prize pool totals goes to Smite and Halo who both gave away over 2.5 million USD.

Time and time again, Valve has managed to impress with its ability to foster and encourage a sense of community in Dota 2. While not perfect, by simply having the fact that each subsequent TI prize pool surpasses each other is a statement of the continued growth and success the company and the game will have for the foreseeable future.

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