Super Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot 2

Fighter Ballot for Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS will be closing soon.

October 3rd 2015 will be the deadline for anymore suggestions for playable character. My friends are all voting for Pianta because of how comical he appears in Mario Superstar Baseball. I’m not going to lie; I voted for him too. I do think it would be pretty funny if Pianta made his way into Smash series.

You can access the ballot through the link here. The Fighter Ballot was announced in April 2015, and all kinds of characters are being suggested. Some people are suggesting Cory from Cory in the House, Tom Nook, Optimus Prime, and more.

I think it’s pretty cool of Nintendo to have a big ballot like this to help choose a character in such a great game. I am really anticipating a really fun and unexpected outcome from these votes. If Cory in the House wins, I’m not sure if I’ll laugh or be angry. Pianta is truly a majestic creature, and I know everyone knows it deep down in the pit of their soul. I do hope Pianta wins because that would be very satisfying for me and my friends.

Vote for Grand Slam Pianta!


Pianta 2

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