As provided as disclosure, the speaker in the video is the voice actor for Beowulf, the latest DLC character in Lab Zero’s previous game Skull Girls. Kai Kennedy walks us through the combat mechanic for the game Indivisible. More particularly, the Indivisible prototype that will be releasing tomorrow alongside the Indiegogo campaign for Indivisible. It was stated that while the prototype is sure to be an amazing look into what to expect for the upcoming title, it needed a bit more explanation on how battle mechanics work.


Firstly, as a quick run down, Indivisible follows the story of Ajna. She trained under her father in her town to become stronger. Upon discovering an innate power, she pushes herself out of her boundaries and goes on a journey across the world and meets with a unique cast of playable characters.

The story is simple enough in its briefing; so let’s get into the combat. Indivisible’s combat is heavily influenced by Valkyrie Profile, but also has an infusion of a meter that is built through doing damage, similar to some fighting games. Each character does an attack when their assigned button is pressed during combat. By holding an up or down directional button you can change what move is used. Each attack has different functions that includes multiple hit, heavy hits, medium hits, light hits and more.

In more depth, as mentioned in the video, every attack influences 3 variations: effects on enemies, builds meter and alters the speed of which characters are able to attack again. The meter system can change the effects of super abilities. The example provided is Razmi’s heal at the level 1 super meter, and if it is instead used as a level 3 super, it will gain the ability to resurrect allies.

Much like in Valkyrie Profile, you’ll have at most 4 characters in your party during combat. The game rewards you for stringing together combos between your character’s attacks rather than button mashing as you’ll deal damage much more effectively rather than missing hits when characters rush in at the same time.

When it comes to traversing the world, the game is influenced by Super Metroid and everything that entails including tools to progress through parts of the level. As mentioned in the video, this is shown through the ‘axe tool’ that lets you cling to walls and cut down obstacles in the way.

As mentioned, the Indiegogo campaign will begin tomorrow as well as the prototype for Indivisible. We will be taking a look at it when it is released and showing our thoughts on it in the future. If you’re interested in Indivisible, you can check out the progress of the game here. You’ll be able to download and give the prototype a go before you decide whether or not to pitch into the campaign here.

One of my favorite features mentioned at the moment is that there is no experience-based leveling, it means I can freely experiment and play with ridiculous party setups. I’m quite excited for the game and I can’t wait to check out the prototype.

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