Metal Gear Online

Metal Gear Online looks extremely fun.

At the Tokyo Game Show Konami revealed the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain online gameplay. You can create multiple playable characters that can become very unique. This depends on how much you wish to alter your character’s look. An in-depth video showed off one of the gameplay modes called Bounty Hunter. There were 2 other gameplay modes available called Cloak and Dagger and Comm Control. Before I explain Bounty Hunter mode, I’ll talk about the character classes below.

There are currently four classes that we know of in the game. The first class is the scout. The scout specializes in finding and sniping enemies. They happen to be good at both combat and support roles. They can support their allies by quickly marking their enemies.

The second class, the enforcer, excels at combat because they are heavily equipped with armor and weapons. They have access to many heavy weapons, meaning they are very dangerous.

The third class, the infiltrator, is a class that specializes close range combat, and stealth. They are quick on their feet as well. They can use stealth camouflage and surprise their opponents.

The last class will allow you to play as character from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Two playable characters that were shown were Venom Snake and Ocelot. Venom Snake was shown using his deadly blast arm to kill Ocelot. Ocelot can use his revolvers to bounce bullets off of objects to hit enemies that are out of view.

In Bounty Hunter mode you kill as many players as you can. Each team has tickets or remaining lives to respawn. Every time an enemy is killed that team loses a ticket. Also, every time a player gets a kill they get a number on their head. When a player gets fultoned (balloned) out of the area, that players kills are wiped away, and added to the opposing team’s tickets. When the time limit has been reached, the team with the highest ticket count will be the victor of the match.

In Cloak and Dagger attacker’s objective is to claim the data disk and upload in the evacuation point within the time limit. The defenders, obviously, defend the data disk to prevent the attacker’s victory. The attackers are handicapped with only non-lethal weapons, while the defends have lethal ones.

In Comm Control attackers must download an intel file from comm links. If the offenders complete their task in the time limit, they win. To capture an com link a player must stay within the near by area until the control changes to their team.

I think the gameplay looks really awesome. Using a riot shield is extremely helpful not just for you, but your allies too.

There is a funny feature in the game that is called a “plush stare.” There are plush dolls scattered in the map, and once they are in your center of vision you are unable to look away for a while. These cute dolls will surely lead to many players deaths.

Plush Stare

Another amusing feature in the game are of course the boxes. Boxes can be used in many ways. They can be distractions, hiding places, and you can slide on them to cover more ground. Metal Gear Online will most likely have more fun and interesting features like these.

As a fan of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, I am excitedly waiting for Metal Gear Online to come out. It will be available on consoles October 6th. So, it’s coming soon, but for the PC it’ll arrive sometime in January. I own it for the PC, so I’ll have to wait a while before I play the online. Unfortunately, I’m not a patient waiter…

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