Microsoft’s level creator, Project Spark, is pretty versatile for those Xbox One and PC players who use their imagination. It’s a game that’s gotten a decent following thanks in no small part to ongoing support with additional assets tied to microtransactions. In fact, in an attempt to both promote Rare Replay and tease a possible sequel, the next major addition to Project Spark would be a bunch of content from Conker’s Bad Fur Day, called Conker’s Big Reunion.

But changes are coming October 5th, not all of it good. On the one hand, Microsoft is dropping all microtransactions for the game, giving full access of all props to all players. All of this in addition to 200 new props which include a new swamp environment, and the original limit on how much you can have in a certain level will be doubled. On the other, this decision comes with the decision that Microsoft will stop supporting the game with DLC, reason being the community will support the game with new levels, which means that Conker’s Big Reunion has been cancelled.

Players thankfully will be reimbursed. If you bought the disc version of Project Spark and you’ve activated it some time after July 28th, you’ll receive Microsoft Store credit for your purchase and any in-game currency you’ve bought. Assuming, of course, if you qualify for a refund which will be distributed within 30-60 days after the next update.

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