The U.S. Flash Sale listing has been put out a day earlier than intended. The leak confirms that the theme is survival based.  Sony removed the Flash Sale for now on the PSN, most likely to avoid confusion from buyers. The sale will be available starting tomorrow, and ending after Sunday.

Currently, the PSN has both a Warner Bros. and Grand Theft Auto video game sale.  To further entice people to buy digital titles, Sony is offering $15 dollars of PlayStation Store credit for spending $100 dollars. That deal will end on November 3rd.

I’m interested to see what games will be on sale for the weekend. Some possibly candidates will be the Resident Evils, Evil Within, Outlast, Alien: Isolation, and the Silent HillsResident Evil fans are most likely hoping to get a good deal on Resident Evil HD REMASTERD. If it is on sale, many people will likely purchase it, but we’ll have to wait till tomorrow to find out all the details.

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