Finnish developer Remedy Entertainment, which some might remember from the Max Payne games and the cult classic Alan Wake, have had to push back the release date of their newest time-twisting adventure, Quantum Break for Xbox One to April of 2016. Delays aren’t exactly common with curent generation high profile games, but for something that was announced back at 2013, it has made certain fans very antsy.

On this subject, Director Sam Lake had an explanation. In addition to wanting Quantum Break to be the best Remedy game to date, Lake went on about the various development challenges not just with working on Xbox One hardware, himself stating, “there’s a lot of new technology; a new platform, it’s a new universe, new story, there’s new core gameplay,” but also with producing a television show tie-in, which he continued to say, “there are a lot of challenges to figure out. It does end up taking time and, yes, we want to keep the quality high, so we don’t want to make certain kinds of compromises, and are always making sure that this is iterated enough and polished enough and it’s as good as it deserves to be.”

It’s a very ambitious statement from Lake, every developer wants their game to be perfect after all, but the television stuff might be more trouble than it’s worth. It definitely isn’t cheap with actors like X-Men’s Shawn Ashmore and Lost’s Dominic Monaghan contributing their talents, but eventually your game has to ship and it’s the one thing people will remember more than any extras.

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