Bandai Namco, publisher and developer of Rise of Incarnates, announced the free-to-play fighting video game will become unplayable moving forward from December 15, 2015.

According to the publisher, “We must regretfully inform all users of the closure of ‘Rise of Incarnates.’  We offer our sincere thanks to everyone who has supported this game.  We will be keeping the servers open until December 15, 2015, so please continue to enjoy ‘Rise of Incarnates’ until the very end.”

With this upcoming closure, the publisher wishes to remind players of Rise of Incarnates to use any and all “IP” in their accounts before the game goes offline.  Customized items, boost items, and other such paid items will be reduced in price with some items becoming free until the service concludes.  Additionally, all characters within the game will become free to use until the game is taken offline.

Whether returning to a favorite or looking for something new, make sure to check out Rise of Incarnates before it is shut down.

rise of incarnates 001                rise of incarnates 002


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