Yacht Club Games announced today that the disc-based version of their critically-acclaimed 2-d platformer, Shovel Knight, has been cancelled for the Xbox One and delayed for PS4, WiiU, and 3DS. The studio credited the delay to “publishing policies on the [Xbox One] that are beyond our control.”

The announcement came via an update posted on Yacht Club Games’ website.

While the digital version is still available via the Microsoft Store, Yacht Club Games promises they’ll “keep fighting to get a retail version on Xbox One.”

Retail versions of the game for PS4, WiiU, and 3DS will hit shelves on November 3 in North America and October 30 in Europe. The announcement explains, “The final few steps of the Plague of Shadows content took a little longer than expected, but it was important to us that this update to be on the disc/cart right out of the box. Unfortunately that meant we had to push back the date just a little a bit.”

The news of the delay was accompanied also by the announcement of a price increase from $20 to $25. The studio explained the price hike comes as a result of “some retailers running into trouble with limited space to show off their wares”. That means that for some retailers, a $20 price tag would land the title in the bargain bin immediately upon release. However, fans who preordered the game were assured “If you have already pre-ordered Shovel Knight, your retailer should honor the original price!”

The physical version of the game will include the recently released Plague of Shadows expansion and a copy of the game’s soundtrack.

In the meantime, the digital version of Shovel Knight is available to download!

Sidenote: Sadly, no information on Vita retail release.

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