The score is tied at 3 between the Arizona Cardinals and the Carolina Panthers in the third quarter. It’s the first down at the 22 yard line with 19 yards to go. Drew Stanton steps up to pass and fires one down the middle and… it’s fumbled!

What precedes for the remaining two and a half minutes of the third quarter and six and a half minutes afterwards is nothing short of absurd and amazing. The ball, which starts near the 50 yard line, exchanges possession multiple times as both teams jump on it and continually lose it in the chaos of the pile. Eventually the play is ruled an incomplete pass as the ball rolls out-of-bounds out the back end of the end zone.

All of this is thanks to a glitch in Madden 16 which, as seen here, causes any players who has control of the ball to immediately drop it. That compiled with the game’s AI, physics and collision system, and you have yourself a recipe for some fun.

This, of course, isn’t the first Madden bug to come around, and it definitely won’t be the last. let’s just hope they are all this absurd and entertaining.

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