Paradox Interactive may have purchased White Wolf, the company behind the World of Darkness series, among others, but it appears the publisher hasn’t locked down rights to their games.

In an interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, White Wolf CEO Tobias Sjogren states that the company has been set up as a “daughter company” to Paradox rather than a fully incoporated part of Paradox allowing the company to work with other publishers.

“The logics behind that is simple,” Sjogren says. “Like most publishers out there Paradox is specialised and does certain types of games better than anyone else.”

He continues, “But if there is a publisher that is a better fit than Paradox for a product that White Wolf would like to license, we are definitely set to do the deal with that publisher. White Wolf is here to do what is best for Exalted and World of Darkness and the fans who love these properties.”

All this means that the company can find whatever developer will do their licenses due diligence. You can breath easier.

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