Indie title Night in the Woods has a release time frame and it’s in the middle of when big titles land. Developer of Night in the Woods have stated that the game will be released during Fall. Night in the Woods was the teased game that came about after the release of Lost Constellation which was a side-story placed in the story of Night in the Woods. It was completely up to the player how much they wanted to pay for the game.

Night in the Woods follows the story of Mae who was eventually sick of college and drops it in order to return home. Problem was, upon returning, she finds out that the town has changed quite considerably. Whether that’s good or bad will be discovered as the player progresses through the game.

Night in the Woods is as mentioned, slated for release sometime during Fall. It will be available Windows, Mac, Linux and PlayStation 4. Its charming style was made possible due to the contributions of a Kickstarter campaign.

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