Bungie has released a new promo video for their Refer-a-Friend program that went live earlier today.

Destiny’s Refer-a-Friend program takes players who have already played The Taken King, Destiny’s latest expansion, and pairs them up with players who are new to the game.

The thought is that Veteran Guardians can help Sherpa the Kinderguardians through the game. Upon completing specific quests, both players will be rewarded with exclusive gear and loot.

Some of the more exciting rewards in the program are the new legendary swords, one in each elemental damage type, and the two new emotes. The loot can be earned by playing through the “Hunt for Loot” quest in the Refer-a-Friend program. The full list of items can be found below.

  • Infinite Link (shader)
  • Infinite Edge Swords (three legendary swords)
  • EV-34 Infinite Vector (sparrow)
  • Duo Dance (emote)
  • High Five (emote)
  • Sign of the Infinite (emblem)

Destiny’s Refer-a-Friend promotion can be found on its website here. Bungie also released a detailed FAQ and walkthrough of the new program. Players are initially linked through Bungie’s website then play together in the game. Veterans are considered to be players who have played the Taken King expansion. There is a grace period of one week for new players to sign up for the program. Refer-a-Friend will only work with gamers playing on the same platform, so PS4 or Xbox One. The program is not available to PS3 or Xbox 360 players.

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