Former Rockstar employee Danny Ross might have just hinted to the public that a new Red Dead game is in development in a recent AMA.

When asked bluntly by redditor thndr87 what Rockstar was working on, Ross gave a very unusual reply.

Really? Dumbass. Really? Two.”

The first letter of each word would hint at a Red Dead Redemption sequel, but it’s unclear. Ross did provide a picture to verify his identity. It is also important to note that Ross is a former employee of Rockstar.

Ross’s cryptic answer implies a Red Dead Redemption sequel, which is admittedly odd. The end of Red Dead Redemption has the player in the boots of John Marston’s son Jack. Jack eventually completes his quest for revenge against his father’s killer, giving the player a sense of closure.

It’s doubtful that such a game would be called RDR2, as Redemption was the second game in the Red Dead series.


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