A group called Games Arabic Translation (GAT) has been quite busy lately. In a patch that will be released on their site later this week, a pretty complete translation of Fallout 4’s text will be available for those on PC. As a non-Arabic reader, it’s difficult to tell whether this patch will eventually come to consoles from Bethesda themselves, but with mods eventually coming to the consoles anyway, this will hopefully be among one of them that gets moved over to consoles.

In their 2.0 patch releasing later this week, they’ll have translated all of the workshop tools, weapons, locations, and corrected typos and errors from their first version of the patch. As more patches are released, hopefully more of the game world will become accessible to Arabic gamers.

With over 100,000 different text option in the game, the task hasn’t been easy for GAT, but localization like this is able to expand the playability of such hit games like Fallout 4. It’s thanks to communities like GAT that thousands of gamers around the world can play games in their native tongue.

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