Teased earlier in the week, Fatshark had mentioned that among changes will be a new loot system for Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide. Today they have revealed their plans for DLC and future support for the game. As a way of saying thanks for over 300,000 sales, they’ve revealed that as of the first DLC, they will alternate between free and paid. Furthermore, they will not be locked off for newcomers and will be available either free or paid for people who jump into the world at a later date.

On to the features of the first free DLC, titled Sigmar’s Blessing:

-A new feature for players to decide what loot should be dropped in-game
-A new altar that allows the player to sacrifice existing loot to improve their arsenal
-New traits for weapons will be added to the loot cycle
-New level of rarity: ‘red’ will be available for all 40 weapon types
-Red rarity weapons will have a set trait combination


On top of this batch of DLC, there is also plans to add in several new modes including:

-Private Mode: For players who want to face the Skaven all alone
-Realism Mode: Removes HUDs and crosshair for a ridiculous challenge
-Survival Mode: Waves based mode that throws countless Skaven hordes at the players until they are overwhelmed.

There you have it, the first DLC batch with more to come. Sigmar’s Blessing is released for free to all players past, present and future as of December 3rd. I’m extremely excited for the red rarity and the new modes! I can’t wait for the inevitable ‘Skaven Mode’ later down the lines too!

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