Avalanche Studios has been hyping up Just Cause 3 in all the right ways. How do you top a game of the last console generation that had one of the largest maps in which to blow stuff up? Trick question. You simply keep doing what you do best, and Just Cause 3 seems to be the best case of more of the same.

In the latest video from Playstation Access, the boasted size of 400 square miles of sandbox is shown off in all of its splendor, with the hosts taking a virtual helicopter ride through the world. Judging from the fact that the video is almost twenty-one minutes long, Just Cause 3’s island of Medici is quite huge.

But what is fascinating is that in direct comparison to Just Cause 2, director Roland Lesterlin has stated that Just Cause 3 wouldn’t be as large but things would be much denser. More paths, more activities, and hopefully more variety. We’ll see when Just Cause 3 launches

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