A new in-game store is coming to Killing Floor 2, though it will be limited to cosmetic items.

Called the Trading Floor, the shop will sell new weapon skins, outfits, and outfit skins. These items will be sold for real money, though many (but not all) items will be handed out for free through an in-game drop system. You will be able to earn supply crates and blueprints that can be unlocked to earn new skin variants and weapon skins with the purchase of a key.

There will be different levels of rarity possible, with the highest tier items being available only through crates and blueprints. Weapons will get an additional layer of rarity in the form of wear; they will range between mint and battle-scarred.

Developer Tripwire is insisting that these items are purely cosmetic, and that players will not be buying improved versions of existing weapons. As with some other Steam games, many of these items can be traded with other players or sold in the marketplace. Money generated from these items will be split with the content generator (for items created by community members), and go “towards creating new (free) content, events and whatever else we can dream up for you.”

Tripwire says it has no plans to convert Killing Floor 2 into a free-to-play title, or to discontinue support for mods. As this addition is coming to a game still in early access, Tripwire stated: “We view the Trading Floor as a feature that needs iteration just like the rest of the features in the game. Early Access is the perfect place to iterate on the Trading Floor feature with the community.”

More additions to Killing Floor 2 could be coming in the future, as Tripwire says it will listen to fan feedback about whether to offer stat or experience boosts. The studio revealed there’s the potential for new weapons to be added “with new gameplay,” but that these new weapons will be shared with all players on a server, which means you will always have access to the same weapons as anyone you are playing with.

Killing Floor 2 is available on Steam through Early Access. The title will also be coming to the PlayStation 4.

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