In an interview with Alchimy, co-founder of DONTNOD Alan Damasio spoke about Remember Me, Life is Strange and the role that video games have as an immersive medium. The most highly noted quotes taken from the interview was the last question where Alan spoke about his involvement in Life Is Strange:

I contributed modestly as Script Doctor on Life is Strange developed by Studio DONTNOD. If there were to be a sequel, I would be happy to contribute, of course.

For disclosure, the above quote was translated by both Google Translate and a French speaking contributor to Gamespresso. Initial reports had either misquoted or the interview had edited the article in light of the reports. Regardless, the sequel is still up in the air and isn’t officially confirmed. That said, it was mentioned by the team earlier that they had an expressed interest in continuing the series but with a completely different cast of characters. This remark by Alan should be taken with the simple knowledge that we’ve always known. Life is Strange did reasonably well and a sequel is to be expected. It’ll just take a bit until it is announced.

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