New Fallout 4 screenshots show off graphical features

Fallout 4 is less than a week away, so what better way to spend the last agonizing hours until it releases than to pour over new screenshots of the game itself.

Bethesda included the new shots as part of the blog post detailing the graphics technology of Fallout 4.

“As always, our world features fully dynamic time of day and weather. To create that volumetric light spilling across the scene (sometimes called “god rays”) we worked with our friends at NVIDIA, who’ve we worked with dating back to Morrowind’s cutting-edge water. The technique used here runs on the GPU and leverages hardware tessellation. It’s beautiful in motion, and it adds atmospheric depth to the irradiated air of the Wasteland. Like all the other features here, we’ve made it work great regardless of your platform.”

The post goes into much more detail about how Bethesda implemented dynamic post-process techniques to enhance vibrancy and color thanks to improvements made to the Creation Engine.

“What’s important is how this technology comes together with the art and gameplay of Fallout 4 to create a dynamic, immersive experience – no matter your gaming system. We pride ourselves in being a highly collaborative team, always balancing graphics, gameplay, art, and performance”

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