A little while ago the idea of PS2 emulators on PS4 was just a wild rumour but now it’s not only confirmed but Sony are also asking players which games they want to see on the PS4. Check out Ryan’s post from the other day for more details about the announcement of the emulator.

Sony took to Twitter to ask the Playstation community the question “Which games would you love to play again?” With some of the most timeless games being published in the Playstation 2 era the choices are vast. The titles from Playstation 2 carry a lot of sentimental value to many modern day gamers and serve as the foundations to some of the most popular game franchises in today’s market.

What games would yo like to see remastered and emulated on the Playstation 4? Perhaps some of the early entries in the Call of Duty franchise? How about Timesplitters 2? Let me here your wishlist in the comments section below!

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