Possibly the greatest PC game ever released (might be a slight exaggeration), Rocket League, is receiving a new free map, ‘Wasteland’, inspired by everything post-apocalyptic. Coupled with this, Psyonix are releasing paid DLC, ‘Chaos Run’, featuring new music, new vehicles, new trails, toppers, wheels, decals – what more could you want?

The release of the post-apocalyptic themed DLC falls inline with a statement from Psyonix stating that Rocket League would feature less traditional DLC, encouraging more enjoyment from the game. ‘Wasteland’ has proven this with a completely different layout. Boost positions have changed, the grounds are wider, with sloped edging and being honest, it looks fresh from the set of Mad Max.

Both free and paid DLC will be available for Rocket League early December 2015. Rocket league currently posts over 8 million players across PlayStation and PC. Release trailer can be found below.

What do you think of the new DLC? What would you like to see in the future for Rocket League?

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