Street Fighter V beta update gives it a story driven tutorial.

The video of the tutorial was released yesterday. The story is from the perspective of Ryu. In the video, Ryu is training with his master (Gouken)  and Ken. The beginning of the video, the player seems to have a skipped the initial cut scene. The next immediate scene Ryu  is getting blasted by a Gouken’s Hadoken. The blast leads to Ryu’s utter defeat, and Gouken leaves some words of wisdom before departing.

Then Ryu decides to train with Ken, which leads right into the tutorial. The tutorial will greatly assist those that are new to the franchise. It teaches new players the basics of the game, and how to evade certain attacks. The video doesn’t show the whole length of the tutorial. This suggests that Street Fighter V’s tutorial may be even more helpful.

It is possible that each character may have his or her own storyline tutorial, and teach players how to use every character. From there player may become stronger players than they were before, and implement their own play style. This tutorial may give newcomers more of a chance against experienced players.


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