Nintendo has been giving The Legend of Zelda quite a lot of love lately. There’s been the Hyrule Warriors spin-off by Tecmo Koei, two remakes of older titles on Nintendo 3DS, and the cooperative dungeon crawler, The Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes, where three different Links team up and plunder dungeons in order to craft power granting fashion accessories. The last one is as ridiculous as it sounds and it looks like Nintendo isn’t forgetting about it any time soon.

In the latest news-filled Nintendo Direct, details were revealed about new content coming to Tri Force Heroes. Bill Trinen discussed a brand new area to be added called The Den of Trials, a large dungeon with over thirty stages meant as an additional challenge to any team brave or crazy enough to try it. Thankfully, the Den has several checkpoints to make it a less daunting challenge compared to the four stages of other areas in the game. There will also be two new costumes. The first is Linebeck’s Costume, pulled straight from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, which will allow the player to see the contents of a treasure chest before opening it, making it easier to track down certain pieces of loot. The other outfit is the Fierce Deity Armor from Majora’s Mask, a nasty bit of combat gear that allows the player to sling sword beams in four directions simultaneously.

So if you want more content for The Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes, or just want to see Link in a moustache and goatee, mark your calenders because this is coming to the game as a free update on December 2nd.

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