343 Industries posted an update on the blog with details regarding the polling system, which comes each week. “Each weekend, we’re giving you the option to vote on which new or returning playlists you want to see in matchmaking. Each time a new mode is introduced, it’ll earn the right to be a poll option for two weeks, win or lose. That said, Shotty Snipers is once again a poll option in this week’s poll.”

By popular request, 343 Industries added Doubles to the choice for the next 2 weeks. When the polls closed, Doubles won with 64%, Capture the Flag in second with 23%, and Shotty Snipers in at 13%.

Halo 5 got a 9/10 from Gamespresso, giving the game a Superb scoring. The full review can be found here. In just under one week, Halo 5 managed to get 343 Industries an additional $500,000 through micro transactions. With each micro transaction, a portion of the REQ pack proceeds goes towards the Halo World Championship prize pool. So far an additional $500,000 has been added to the pool. Halo 5 has proven to be the biggest launch in franchise history, attempting to shut down the nay sayers that would of liked Halo to end with the first trilogy.

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